Why Choose Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is the cloud-based software suite for business environments that includes various collaborative applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and so on. The reason behind the name “Collaborative Applications” is, using these applications you can hereby store documents in the cloud, access files on the go, share documents with other users, and collaborate in real-time. It too comes with a web interface for email, contacts, calendaring, and tasks similar to that of other web-based email platforms.

⦁ Ease of use
⦁ Reliable Integration with Mobile Devices
⦁ Enhanced Security
⦁ Enhanced Collaboration and documents sharing capabilities
⦁ Auto-save documents to the cloud

Features of Office 365

Real-time Co-authoring: Helps users to share documents in a team and look out for the changes made in the documents by the team. Using SharePoint, you can herein create the documents whereas OneDrive Cloud Storage will help you to share the files.

Communicate with Co-workers: The Skype In-app integration feature of Office 365 lets you communicate with your colleagues as you can use it to instant message your teammates, conduct audio or vidual conversations by sharing your screen.

Turn mouse to Laser Pointer: For a better PowerPoint presentation, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P to turn your mouse into a Laser pointer. In addition to this cool feature, you can then use presenter mode commands.

Powermap in Excel: For powerful and interactive data visualization, Office 365’s Excel is provided with PowerMap to turn rows of data into a 3D interactive map.

Integrated PDF Converter: As most of the time, after editing our document, spreadsheet, or presentation, we need to convert it to PDF. For that, we have to look out for a separate tool. But not with Office.Com/Setup, as it comes with an Integrated PDF Converter that simply converts your word document into PDF Format.

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