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Things that you must know about the Microsoft Word

Things that you must know about the Microsoft Word

Almost everyone who has a PC has used it or at least heard about Microsoft Word. If you just bought a new computer with a Windows operating system, you can even have a trial version of Word and Microsoft Office versions pre-installed and discuss the possibility of upgrading to the full version or you can visit to know more. If you are not sure if Word is useful in your everyday life, consider some of these practical applications.

Microsoft Word is a program used to process text, it is widely used in work and student environments, Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite, which is the most popular of all that exists and also the most functional.

But Microsoft Word is not just a program to write as many believe, Microsoft Word allows you to write text using many advanced and basic options, when you write a paragraph you can align it, justify it, change colour, etc … you can add the variety of formats and many options.

Microsoft Word

A word processor is needed to create documents beyond a single basic text. For example, if you want to write a letter, you can change the format so that it looks exactly as you wish. Use different types and sizes of so-called letter fonts, change the layout of the page, adjust the colours and add images or graphics, to begin with. If you have Microsoft Outlook, convert these documents so that they are displayed in the body of an email. You can also include page numbers, headers, tables of contents and more features.

Massive mail

Whether you’re writing Christmas cards or fundraising letters, Word can help you distribute information to a large number of people. With the “mail merge” feature and a little help from other Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook and Excel, you can personally address hundreds of people with individual model letters, printed envelopes or send a massive email document. This saves you a lot of time if you are used to doing bulk mail distributions separately.


If you’re not sure where to start, Word has dozens of templates for different types of documents. With a template you do not have to do much with any format, you just have to connect your information in your case. There are many templates that can be useful in your daily life. Examples of templates available in Word 2010 include agendas, brochures, leaflets, cards, calendars, certificates, letters, envelopes, brochures, forms, invitations, lists, notes, newsletters, receipts, resumes and reports.

Guidelines for productive and efficient work

Microsoft Word is designed to help users create and organize documents quickly and professionally. If you need help with any of the functions of the program, visit or Microsoft Word Support has current articles that will guide you through simple and complex tasks. There are also programs like “Wizards” that will guide you through complicated processes such as the combination of mail step by step. With these characteristics, you will be able to produce a wide variety of high-quality jobs without having to hire professional services.


Why dominate Office programs is vital in companies?

Why dominate Office programs is vital in companies?

Microsoft Office programs are indispensable for people and organizations. However, few take advantage of the different functions offered. Discover here why it is important that you learn these tools.

Microsoft Office offers a series of tools for the use and management of workers and students in order to facilitate their activities on their computers or mobile devices. However, despite their many useful functions, many professionals do not focus on “taking advantage” of these programs.

In, we will highlight the benefits of the three flagship Office programs: Excel, Word and Power Point; so that you understand its importance in the organization of information and why it is an indispensable requirement to perform different work activities.

  1. Excel

Microsoft Excel provides companies with the resources necessary to organize their business operations data. Thanks to its spreadsheets, the company can observe and analyze your financial information, which is very helpful for the sales, marketing or human resources department. Therefore, at, we collect some utilities of this program:

  • Build great graphics, in order to enhance your data in commercial reports or strong marketing material.
  • Use the condition format, enriching the spreadsheets for a better analysis.
  • Help identify trends, which is a great contribution to establish your business strategy in the short and long term.
  • Online access, Excel is part of Office 365, allowing anyone to use it from their device anywhere.
  1. Word

In this, the user can write all kinds of texts, notes, monographs and even theses in a simple and orderly manner. It is likely that this program if you know how to use it; however, at, we tell you more important elements.

  • Visually enhanced documents, since it allows you to use different types and sizes of letters, change the design of the page, adjust the colours, and add images, among others
  • Send mass emails, because you can link it with Outlook and distribute information to a large number of people.
  • Templates, which fit the type of document you want to write.
  • Search engine , because having so many tools, the program offers you the option to write what you want to do and tells you if it is possible to do it or not.
  1. Power Point

This program emerged as one of the most dynamic presentation tools. Currently, its use has decreased due to the options offered on the web. However, its functions and features provide advantages that the user will not find in another program. Here at, we mention some of these:

  • Effective visual tool, images combined with design templates and other tools add value to presentations and easily engage the public.
  • Summarize large sources of information, because it is very practical to view information on slides. In addition, the same space reduces you to write long texts and write concepts clearly and concisely.
  • Flexibility and personalization, since the tool provides various features to design the slides, text or images.

•Presentations that work in different areas, because it is commonly used by teachers in their classes and sales professionals are those who take advantage of their attractiveness for data and information content


Tricks to use Office for free, without paying anything at all

Tricks to use Office for free, without paying anything at all

But no matter how good an app is, sometimes we do not have the budget to pay for, even if it is more basic.

Do not fear: here are 7 ways to have Microsoft Office free, without paying anything at all.

Use Microsoft Office for free

These tips will help you get by until your wallet does not hurt so much to pay for a license to use Office.

  1. Use Office Online

Choose the app you want to use and log in with your Microsoft account. Do not expect to have all the functions available. It will serve to get you out of the way, of course, and use some Microsoft Office features for free.

  1. Use Office mobile apps

The apps of Office operate in a similar manner previously mentioned online version. Do you have Android? Here you have the apps available to use the free office package.

In the case of iOS, it is more difficult to list the apps separately since there are versions for iPhone and iPad versions. We invite you to find the app you need

  1. Get Office for free thanks to your school

If you are a student, or a teacher, enter your email address of the educational center to which you belong in this link. You will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams, among other tools. It is the best solution to use Microsoft Office for free.

If your school is not registered, notify the relevant authority figure!

  1. Convince your boss to invest in Office

Take the opportunity to remind him of the multiple options of Office 365 and the advantages of his apps in the business world. The important thing is that Office will be in charge of your company!

  1. Sign up for the free Office 365 trial

If you go to this link, you will have 1 free month to try the Office 365 Home version, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook … In addition, the test gives you access to a 1TB of One Drive cloud storage.

Keep in mind that to download the test, you will have to offer a credit or debit card in US or.

When the test ends, you will automatically be charged for the Office subscription model. Do not forget to deactivate your account before the free trial of the Office package ends.

  1. Get Microsoft Office for free by renewing your free test

Have you finished your 30 days of Office 365 Home Test? How about 30 more days thanks to another test? You will have to create an account for the Evaluation Center. In the following trick we tell you more about this center. For more help related to Office Com Setup call at Microsoft office tech Support.

  1. Try your luck with the TechNet Test Center

If you register in this place, you can snoop the products that Microsoft wants you to try for 30-60 days. And sometimes you will find Office, as in the case of the test for the ProPlus version of the previous section.


How to fix Microsoft Office activation error 0x80070005

How to fix Microsoft Office activation error 0x80070005

A payment tool that, as such, needs to do Office Com Setup so that use its tools. However, sometimes users may encounter certain Ms office activation errors. One of the most common is the error 0x80070005 activation of Microsoft Office, which we will be able to solve following some of the recommendations or steps to follow that we show below.

This error 0x80070005 Office activation is common, especially in Office 365, Office 2013 and Office 2016 and usually appears next to a message in which Office itself warns that something went wrong and cannot open the suite tool that we are trying to open at that moment.

Steps to follow to fix Microsoft Office activation error 0x80070005

The truth is that the message makes it quite clear, the activation error 0x80070005 occurs because Windows cannot validate the Office key or activate it. Therefore, if we are Office 365 users, the first thing we have to do is verify if we have an active license. To do this, we go to the page of our Microsoft account, we go to the Office 365 section and we check if the license is correctly activated or on the contrary we only need to renew it. In this last case, we will have to pay the subscription fee and then activate it to continue using the suite and solve the error. You can call at Microsoft office activation support

How to fix Microsoft Office activation error 0x80070005.

A payment tool that, as such, needs to activate a license to be able to use its tools. However, sometimes users may encounter certain Office activation errors. One of the most common is the error 0x80070005 Ms office activation, which we will be able to solve following some of the recommendations or steps to follow that we show below.

This error 0x80070005 is common, especially in Office 365, Office 2013 and Office 2016 and usually appears next to a message in which Office itself warns that something went wrong and cannot open the suite tool that we are trying to open at that moment. In addition, it will indicate that an error was found when trying to install the product key and will be accompanied by the error code 0x80070005.

The truth is that the message makes it quite clear, the activation error 0x80070005 occurs because Windows cannot validate the Office key or activate it. Therefore, if we are Office 365 users, the first thing we have to do is verify if we have an active license. To do this, we go to the page of our Microsoft account, we go to the Office 365 section and we check if the license is correctly activated or on the contrary we only need to renew it. In this last case, we can call at Microsoft office Activation support and will have to pay the subscription fee and then activate it to continue using the suite and solve the error.

If we have installed Microsoft Office from the Microsoft Store , then we must go back to the store and check if we have any updates available, since not having Office correctly updated, can cause error 0x80070005 activation of Microsoft Office. To do this, open any Office tool, we go to the option File> Account and in Product information we click on Update options> Update now .


How to activate Microsoft Office on a computer or Mac

How to activate Microsoft Office on a computer or Mac

If you have an Office 365 subscription you will not need to activate Office, just log in to your Microsoft account. If you have purchased a physical version of Microsoft Office, you will need the 25-digit Ms Office activation key included in the box where Microsoft Office comes from. You can activate Office with a product key in any of your applications or using the Office web page.
Method 1: Use a product key in an Office program

1. Click on an Office product. Click on a program such as Word or Excel to start it. In case you have a product key, but you have not installed Microsoft Office on your computer, you will have to use the Office web page.

2. Click Enable. It is located below the icon with the image of a key.

3. Click on Enter Ms Office activation product key. You are in the “Activate” option.

4. Enter the product key and click Continue. Enter the 25-digit product key without the hyphens.

5. Click Get online. It is in the box labeled “Add this key to an account.”

Guarateed Ms office Activation

6. Click on Log in or create a new account. In case you already have a Microsoft account, log in with the email address and password associated with the Microsoft account. If you do not have a Microsoft account, click on “Create a new account” and follow the instructions to create it.

7. Click Finish activation. The activation will be completed and the product key will be linked to the Microsoft account.
Method 2: Use a product key on the Office web page

1. Go to in a web browser. This website will allow you to activate and download Microsoft Office.

2. Click Login. It is the red button located below the first step. You must indicate an email address and create a password for the new Microsoft account..

3. Sign in to Microsoft and click next.

4. Write the 25-digit product key in the spaces. The product key is printed on a card included with Microsoft Office or, sometimes, on the purchase receipt.

5. Use the drop-down menu below where you have entered the product key to select the language and country or region. Click on “Next” when you finish.

6. Mark “Automatic renewal” and click next. Use the switch to activate or deactivate automatic renewal. This is activated by default.

7. In case you use automatic renewal, you must fill in the form with the credit card information. The charge will be made automatically on the card when the activation period ends and Microsoft Office needs to renew.

8. Click Next. You will be taken to the website of your Microsoft account from where you can download Microsoft Office.

9. Click Install. It is located under the first box that tells you how many facilities you can make. This will take you to a page with the installation information.

10. Click Install. It is in front of the installation information. This will download the Microsoft Office installation file. Use the installation file to install Microsoft Office.

If you are facing any issue in Microsoft Office Activation, You can visit for any kind of Microsoft Office Activation support


Learn to use Office, free and without a license

Learn to use Office, free and without a license

Now, to be able to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you do not need to buy the Office program or occupy space on your computer. With having an email in Hotmail is enough. Learn how to do it step by step.
Learn to use Office, free and without a Ms office activation. The application is available to all Hotmail users and is free.
The service is called SkyDrive. A Microsoft application that allows you to create, edit, view and store files from any computer with internet and anywhere in the world without wasting time installing programs and without spending a single peso.
The files are stored on the internet (it is also called “in the cloud”) as it happens with your emails. This way, he gets rid of the problem of not having a memory at hand to keep a file and will no longer have excuses to get to the office without the presentation that he was working at home because he literally lost his memory.
Have the same visualization and almost all the functions that the version pays of Office for the computer but without paying any money.
We share, step by step, how to use this application without the need of Ms Office activation key:

microsoft office activation

Also Check: Microsoft Office Word Support

1. Enter your Hotmail email
The SkyDrive application works on this platform.

2. Locate where the application is
It is worth noting that there are currently two versions of the mail: an old Hotmail interface and the new Outlook visualization.

3. Open a new document
If you are in Hotmail, click on the SkyDrive tab, which appears at the top of your browser, and select what type of document you want to start (Word, Excel or PowerPoint). If you are already in Outlook, click on the arrow to the right.

4. Name the file
It is important that you name the document

5. Develop the file
As you will see the visualization, in this case of a Word file, it is very similar to the platform that is installed on the computer. Although it lacks some functions with respect to the traditional Office, it has the basic ones that are used daily.

6. Save the file
Once finished, or forward the work, look for the option ‘Save As’, in the ‘File’ tab. Again, the mechanism is the same as what is handled in normal Office. This value applies, also, for Excel and PowerPoint files.

7. Share the file
In the option ‘File’ there is also the option ‘Share File’. If you need to send the document to another person, simply click on Share and it will ask for the mail to which you must send and the body of the mail and then you send it. One of the advantages of this system is that it does not occupy space in the recipient’s email because what is being sent is not an attachment but a link to the document. The person receiving the message does not need to have Office installed on their computer either. To see the documents you have created and stored, just go to the SkyDrive feature of the email. Remember that you can view it from any computer with internet anywhere in the world.


Know about MS office and about its product

Know about MS office and about its product

Microsoft Office is a set of applications, servers and Office services developed by Microsoft. Initially, the first version of Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Over the years, Office applications have become substantially closer with shared features, such as a common spell checker, Ole data integration and Visual Basic for the application scripting language.
When you need to install MS Office in your computer then you need Ms office activation key which enables the MS office on your system
Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, including PowerPoint, are well known from the Microsoft Office package, but do you think that this is all? Below are applications which are linked with the MS office.
1. Microsoft Word
2. Microsoft Excel
3. Microsoft PowerPoint
4. Microsoft Outlook
5. Microsoft OneNote
6. Microsoft Access
7. Microsoft Publisher
8. Microsoft Visio
9. Microsoft Groove
10. Microsoft InfoPath.

ms office activation

• Microsoft PowerPoint: a presentation program used to create slideshows composed of text, graphics and other objects, which can be displayed on the screen and which the presenter displays or prints on transparencies or slides.
Microsoft Access stores the data in its own format based on the Access Jet database engine. It can also be imported or linked directly to the data stored in other applications and databases. [9]

• Microsoft OneNote: a note program that collects handwritten or typed notes, drawings, screen clippings and audio comments. The notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.

• Microsoft Publisher: a desktop publishing application for Windows used primarily for the design of brochures, labels, calendars, greeting cards, business cards, newsletters, websites and postcards

• Skype for Business: an integrated communications client for conferences and meetings in real time, is the only Microsoft Office Desktop application that is not useful without an adequate network infrastructure, nor does it have the prefix “Microsoft” in its name.

• Microsoft Project: a project management application for Windows to track events and create network graphics and Gantt charts, not included in any Office package

• Microsoft Visio: an application of diagrams and flow diagrams for Windows not included in any Office suite
How to download any version of MS Office?
To download Microsoft Office from any version you want, the first thing you will need is the “Windows / MS Office ISO, Download Tool”. This tool provides genuine ISO or IMG files and these are downloaded directly from Microsoft servers, so one should not worry about their hacking, without further conversation, let’s start the trick, follow the steps mentioned below.

• Step 1: Download the MS Office from its website and run “MS Office ISO Downloader Tool”.
• Step 2: Select your version of MS Office from the right side.
• Step 3: Select your edition and language.
• Step 4: Download it.

Once you download MS office, start the installation. In the last step of installation ask you about Ms Office activation key which you can get from the vendor from whom you buy the MS office. Enter it and enjoy the MS office.

The Office 365 priority – The security of its users

The Office 365 priority – The security of its users

Security is one of the basic pillars of business at Microsoft, so it is also something to consider in the Office 365 tools suite. Not surprisingly, this concept of security extends to all areas: physical security in data centres, security in hardware and software, and security when dealing with data and information of users. For more information about it one can take help of Ms office activation.

The features of Microsoft office 365 this 2017

Thanks to Office 365, you can be more productive. Now you can work in the cloud, so that, always be updated and have all the tools available from any device. Ms office activation more comfortable, Office is updated so that we work from anywhere with the usual tools.

Microsoft Office 365 is a professional solution that integrates the usual Office system with the necessary tools to work as a team, collaborate in real time and access your company documents whenever you need it.

The office automation tools with which you are used to working (improved), always accessible both from the cloud and from your computer. That they will always have the latest version of Office updated.

What tools can I find in the Microsoft office?

Skype for Business will allow you:

  • Carry out meetings with clients, colleagues and suppliers through videoconferences.
  • Share content and work in real time.
  • Access from any of your mobile devices.
  • Connect directly from the calendar with a single click.

It will always be in sync with your team. Thanks to the possibility of HD video among several participants, to shared content, shared calendars and team chat.

One Drive for Business offers you the best Tools for teamwork:

  • Up to 1TB of storage in the cloud to save your files and share them quickly and safely.
  • Use your Office applications both online and offline, installed on your computer.
  • Office 365 Outlook, basic tools for day-to-day life:
  • Send professional emails with the domain of your
  • Up to 50GB capacity in your mailbox.
  • Inbox clean and without advertising.
  • Share your calendars and keep them synchronized on any of your devices.

All these tools are designed for professionals and if you need help related to any then call to Ms office activation. This way you can customize the email addresses to your business category. You can define the name of the company, which results in the recognition of the brand. It will also promote the business with personalized marketing materials that are easy to create. Improve relationships with Ms office activation with a wide variety of communication tools, from email and instant messaging to social networks and video conferencing.

Office 365 is the system of always, an advantage when using a tool already known, but even better. .

Whether you work online or offline, from a computer, tablet or phone, Office 365 adapts to your needs.  You will get much more than Office, with low anticipated costs and the flexibility to add users and services as you need it. Office 365 offers you the maximum profitability that your company needs to be competitive.

In addition, Office 365 is very easy to configure and administer and Ms office activation can help you in this case. You will get a step-by-step guide to set up the users and start using the services right away.

You can access the Administration Centre from anywhere and easily manage all services with help of Ms office activation. In addition, Office 365 takes care of the IT for you, so that the services are always configured, functioning and updated.



Microsoft is among the largest tech barons that captured the imaginations of millions since it was first established by its founder, Bill Gates. It propelled into instant popularity owing to its magnanimous operating system, the Windows OS which is used widely in many countries all around the world. With the advent of operating system also comes another package called the Support Center and the Microsoft Office Support phone number which would be in ever user’s fingertips for sure. Microsoft Office is another software which has become a phenomenon and we literally cannot live without it. Naturally, we need a credible technical support that caters to the need of its many users.


This makes up for an interesting transition pertaining to the Microsoft Office Support phone number since this makes it very much interactive. Each and every one of the official phone numbers are located on every social media link there possibly is. You would be able to shoot out you queries into social media page walls as well, and you can expect your responses within minutes or even during the course of your day. The Support co-ordinator would be taking you through the series of steps related to your problem and that might help you get through the bottom of your issue.

Interestingly Microsoft Office tech support also have their own YouTube Channel which contains the basic configurations and support related solutions based on simple queries. This definitely beats dialling the Microsoft Office Support phone number many amounts of times. It also contains a virtual assistant which is again an incredible creation by the company’s software engineers. Cortana – Microsoft’s virtual assistant which has been a part in an array of Microsoft Products also is a part of the support system and provides solutions to issues based on the level of difficulty as best it can.


Microsoft Office Support phone number is a great option for those who don’t want to involve themselves with the usual social media hype. The Company has an astounding number of call centres around the world, numerically speaking it ranges about 119 centres across 50 countries. The rate of queries related to Microsoft Office always comes up at an alarming rate since there are a great many number of users out there. They also provide you with the best possible solutions with respect to the perfect compatibility of Windows products with the different versions of Microsoft Office which would best suit them.

Microsoft also has an on call virtual assistant which is again integrated with Cortana for better results. Microsoft Office Support phone number gives you services which are almost 24*7. Other companies do have the same service but they are not nearly as accurate and they have a rather low global outreach than what Microsoft has. As a company and as a product it has grown to leaps and bounds having a strong workforce to tackle such issues. We are pretty sure that it will continue to grow and continue to serve as this product is easily the best.

Need MS Word helpline number Please visit :



Microsoft Excel SupportMicrosoft has separate divisions for the company, entertainment, and solutions. In SharePoint 2010 Content, it offers the ability to designate a stored item as a record. It has a whole list on the website. Office 365 is an extensive mixture of software and services provided by Microsoft. It is now used in practically every single office all over the world. Microsoft Excel is able to manage massive amounts of database calls. It helps you organize your business computations in terms of relevant tables. It is a part of the Office Suite available at any software store. It is an affordable solution for small businesses or large businesses that do not need millions of records for storage.


microsoft excel support

If you would like to really master Excel and help you save time on your Excel spreadsheets, you want to possess the subsequent four critical skills in Excel. It is possible to utilize Excel to keep tabs on production by a department, information that may support you in future development plans. Again there’ll be manual associations you’ll have to establish with Excel which is another significant slowdown. While the Microsoft Excel support is often utilized in business. When it is used to construct large and complex spreadsheets containing multiple worksheets, it can become extremely difficult for someone to navigate, let alone track or trace numbers through the spreadsheet with all of the values and formulas contained within it. Excel is a good procedure for information and database management that is used by nearly all companies big or little. It is the control over everything.


Microsoft Excel Support

Microsoft Excel support is currently a necessity in the industry world. It is a popular spreadsheet program that was developed by Microsoft. A number of the Excel functions applies to a number of subject areas while most functions are in reality general and may be used for the majority of needs. Microsoft Excel now is among the most frequently accepted spreadsheet program any place in the world. A spreadsheet can be rather easy or terribly intricate. It can be difficult for some to understand, but with the correct MS Excel training you will find yourself mastering the package with ease. MS Excel is called a spreadsheet application. It is perhaps the most important computer software program used in the workplace today. While just about everyone can pick up Excel and get started filling in tables, getting the complete advantage of its features takes lots of practice.officesecurity365 is here to fulfill your requirement for Microsoft office support.