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Tricks to use Office for free, without paying anything at all

Tricks to use Office for free, without paying anything at all

But no matter how good an app is, sometimes we do not have the budget to pay for, even if it is more basic.

Do not fear: here are 7 ways to have Microsoft Office free, without paying anything at all.

Use Microsoft Office for free

These tips will help you get by until your wallet does not hurt so much to pay for a license to use Office.

  1. Use Office Online

Choose the app you want to use and log in with your Microsoft account. Do not expect to have all the functions available. It will serve to get you out of the way, of course, and use some Microsoft Office features for free.

  1. Use Office mobile apps

The apps of Office operate in a similar manner previously mentioned online version. Do you have Android? Here you have the apps available to use the free office package.

In the case of iOS, it is more difficult to list the apps separately since there are versions for iPhone and iPad versions. We invite you to find the app you need

  1. Get Office for free thanks to your school

If you are a student, or a teacher, enter your email address of the educational center to which you belong in this link. You will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams, among other tools. It is the best solution to use Microsoft Office for free.

If your school is not registered, notify the relevant authority figure!

  1. Convince your boss to invest in Office

Take the opportunity to remind him of the multiple options of Office 365 and the advantages of his apps in the business world. The important thing is that Office will be in charge of your company!

  1. Sign up for the free Office 365 trial

If you go to this link, you will have 1 free month to try the Office 365 Home version, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook … In addition, the test gives you access to a 1TB of One Drive cloud storage.

Keep in mind that to download the test, you will have to offer a credit or debit card in US or.

When the test ends, you will automatically be charged for the Office subscription model. Do not forget to deactivate your account before the free trial of the Office package ends.

  1. Get Microsoft Office for free by renewing your free test

Have you finished your 30 days of Office 365 Home Test? How about 30 more days thanks to another test? You will have to create an account for the Evaluation Center. In the following trick we tell you more about this center. For more help related to Office Com Setup call at Microsoft office tech Support.

  1. Try your luck with the TechNet Test Center

If you register in this place, you can snoop the products that Microsoft wants you to try for 30-60 days. And sometimes you will find Office, as in the case of the test for the ProPlus version of the previous section.


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